Whole disk erase: Alternative Windows erasure method

NOTE: If you have tried using Secure Eraser, but received an error saying that Secure Erase is not supported in your drive, then you may use this alternate erasure method. It is NOT recommended to use this method for Solid State Drives (SSDs) as it may decrease their lifespan.
  1. Insert your Parted Magic CD/DVD to load Parted Magic
    NOTE: If you don’t have Parted Magic, incorrectly downloading and storing Parted Magic could result in damage to your device. Learn how to get and use this boot CD/DVD. Talk to your department's support service first before contacting IT Support Center for help downloading or using Parted Magic.
  2. Select Disk Eraser from the desktop by double-clicking
  3. When starting up the Disk Eraser program, select the External (nwipe) option as shown below:
  4. On the next screen, press the M key to select a more secure erasure method than the default DoD Short method.
  5. Press the K key to select either the DoD 5220.22-M option or the Gutmann Wipe option. The Gutmann option is the most secure of the external wiping methods but also takes a very long time. The DoD option is likely suitable for all but the most demanding uses. Press the spacebar to make your selection.
  6. Back at the drive selection screen, use the J and K keys to move the selector (>) to point to the drive you want to wipe, then press the spacebar to select it. Once the drive is selected, press the F10 key to start the erasure process.
  7. Once the erasure process starts you will see a screen showing its progress along with an estimated time to completion.
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