Students: Getting started with technology

Students should visit the Tech at UD website for information about getting started with technology at UD

Before you arrive

Before you arrive on campus, you can activate your UDelNet and UD email accounts. These accounts provide access to a host of other computing resources available only to UD students. You should read the other items below:

  1. Activate your UDelNet and UD email account
  2. Review student computing responsibilities
  3. Protect and clean your computer
  4. Computing purchases
  5. Read about other items to bring to campus

On campus

Once you are on campus, there are a few more things you will need to do:

  • Connect your devices to the UD network
    Directions are provided for connecting your many devices (laptop, cell phone, Wii, Xbox, etc.) to the UD network. Note: You may NOT connect your own wireless router or wireless printer to the network.
  • Download software from UDeploy
    You can download UD-licensed and customized software from the UDeploy Web site.
  • Microsoft Office
    While you are a UD student, you will be able to download and use Microsoft Office 365 at no charge. (Directions)
  • Current contact information
    It's very important that the University have the correct contact information for you in case of an emergency. Follow these instructions to check - and update if necessary - your contact information.
  • Cable TV in residence halls
    Information about how to set up your TV to the University's cable TV system.


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