Building Trustworthy Email Campaigns

People receive so much email that University of Delaware departments need to make sure that their email campaigns are trustworthy.

The volume of email that individuals receive--legitimate email and spam--makes it imperative that you develop email campaigns that build relationships with students and prospective students, alumni, employees, donors, community members, or other schools and universities.

IT staff at schools, universities, companies, and organizations warn people about the signs of fraudulent email. Particularly when University departments use a non-UD partner for an email campaign, the campaign can exhibit some of the characteristics of fraudulent email.

For an email campaign to be effective, its recipients need to be able to verify the campaign. The recipients need to see it as part of a relationship with the University, not just as another piece of unsolicited email.

In addition, even though the University is not considered a commercial entity, most of the email campaigns UD sends out are governed by the Federal CAN-SPAM Act. In addition, if University of Delaware email campaigns follow the guidelines of that act, the messages will be more trusted by their recipients.