Overview: Bulk mail tickets at UD

If you need to send an occasional University-related message to a large group of people (more than 50), you may request a bulk mail ticket.

  • A bulk mail ticket allows you to send an email message in the most efficient way through the UD P.O. Box system.
  • The UD P.O. Box system does not ordinarily allow messages to be sent to non-udel.edu addresses. However, you can use a bulk mail ticket to send email to a list containing non-udel.edu addresses up to five times a year.
  • You may not use attachments with a bulk mail ticket; however, there are two ways you may provide additional information:
    1. Refer to a web page link in the body of your bulk mail ticket to provide additional information.
    2. Use the UD Dropbox Service to upload (drop off) the file to yourself. You will receive an email message containing the claim ID and passcode as a link to retrieve the file from the UD Dropbox Service. Copy this link and paste it in the body of your bulk mail ticket. The file is only available for 21 days from the time the file is uploaded using the UD Dropbox Service.

Submit this form to request a bulk mail ticket (faculty and staff only). If you need to send an email to more than 50 recipients but you do not want to use a bulk mail ticket, contact the IT Support Center.


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