Computational and Survey Software

Who can use it?

Students, Faculty, Staff

What is it?

The University of Delaware supports the following applications:

  • Mathematica: The University of Delaware has purchased an unlimited site license from Wolfram Research to allow a copy of Mathematica to be placed on all current faculty, staff and student computers at the University of Delaware
  • Qualtrics: A survey tool that allows you to create extensive question type options, custom survey links, upload images to questions, and analyze robust analytics
  • SPSS: A comprehensive statistical package with substanital programming and data-transformation features
  • SAS: SAS is primarily  a statistical package, but it also performs many other functions

Additional computational software available:

  • JMP
  • ChemDraw Prime
  • Gaussian 
  • MNova
  • MatLab
  • IMSL
  • Origin
  • Autodesk
  • ArcPad
  • Esri Bundle (ArcGIS)
  • Esri Server Products
  • FME
  • GIS (Geographic Info Systems)


Where to get it?

  • Mathematica: Available from the Software Download service request
  • Qualtrics: Available at the Qualtrics for UD site
  • SPSS:  The current version of SPSS for Windows is installed in public computing sites maintained by IT Client Support & Services.
  • SAS: SAS version 9.2 is available on the Central UNIX machine, strauss.


How to use it?

Please follow specific instructions available on UDeploy or related articles

What are the charges, options & fees?

SPSS: Faculty and staff can also obtain copies of the Windows and Mac versions for installation on departmental systems or their personal systems by paying an annual license fee. For details, see the UDeploy web page



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