Zoom HIPAA Protocol Request

Who can use it?

Students, Faculty, Staff

What is it?

UDIT is pleased to announce that meeting encryption updates recently undertaken by Zoom meet the requirements for HIPAA online security. 

While all Zoom meetings are now HIPAA compliant, recordings to the cloud still do not meet HIPAA protocols. Therefore, joining the new HIPAA Zoom group will prevent inadvertent cloud recordings containing HIPAA-protected data. 

Once in the Zoom HIPAA Protocol group, you will lose the ability to record into the cloud as per HIPAA protocols. If you're teaching in a Zoom+ room, other accommodations will be made to allow for the recordings.

For more detailed information about the HIPAA protocols please click this link.

Where to get it?

Click the "Request Service" button, provide the requested information and submit your request.

Requesting to be moved into the Zoom HIPAA Protocol group will block your ability to record into the cloud as per HIPAA protocols.

If you are already enrolled, you may use this form to request to be removed from the Zoom HIPAA Protocol group.

How to use it?

It will take 24 hours for the change to take effect. Going forward, you will need to log in to Zoom on all devices using one of the standard UD methods. Please be sure not to record sensitive information to the Zoom cloud until the change has occurred.

Important: Users hosting Zoom meetings that include discussions of HIPAA-protected data should join the new HIPAA group as soon as possible. 

User Responsibilities

  • Zoom meetings with patients, study participants, or where any HIPAA data is shared may not be recorded to the Zoom Cloud.  This function is therefore not available to HIPAA users.
    • Recordings with HIPAA data should be made only to a local machine and shared only through encrypted channels to appropriate people.
  • Copies of text chats and audio transcripts may not be shared online except through encrypted channels to appropriate people.
  • The My Media repository is not encrypted appropriately for HIPAA data and cannot be used to store recorded materials containing HIPAA information.  All meetings containing HIPAA data must be recorded on the user's local machine.
  • Class recordings made in a UD Capture +Zoom-enabled classroom will be manually uploaded to your My Media repository by UDIT staff.

What are the charges, options & fees?

There is no charge for this service


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