Single Sign On Configuration

Who can use it?


What is it?

There are two types of Single Sign On (SSO) available at the University

  1. SAML/Shibboleth, typically used for integrations with Vendor applications that may or may not be hosted in the cloud
  2. Central Authentication Service (CAS), typically used for authentication to internally coded applications.  If you require CAS, please use this form

Where to get it?

Make sure you have already had the application you are requesting SSO configuration for vetted through the Technology Request process and have a plan in place to create accounts. You will need your technology request number to submit a request for SSO to confirm the application has been properly vetted.

Click on the Request Service Button to request SAML/Shibboleth SSO configuration

How to use it?

Please be aware that SSO integrations may take up to 3-4 weeks to complete

The following information should be obtained from the Vendor and is required in order to submit an SSO request:

  1.  The entityID of the Service 
  2.  If the Service is part of the Incommon Federation
  3. What attributes need to be released?
  4. Where can we obtain the metadata?
  5. Do they have a QA/test site we can set up against?

What are the charges, options & fees?

There is no charge for this service



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The IT Strategic Plan identified three types of Services: Core, Consortium and Specialized