Off Cycle Check Request

Who can use it?


What is it?

Request for off cycle pay check

Where to get it?

Click on Request Service button


How to use it?

The request process includes approval from a Payroll and Systems administrator, attachment of backup documentation and approval from an Account Administrator.

Information required to submit the request:

  • Name: Last name, First Name, Middle Initial
  • Employee ID Number
  • Department: requesting department
  • Pay Group
  • Special Delivery Instructions: Please include where to send the check (department and campus address) or a person's name if someone will pick up the check. Any Public Safety deliveries will be charged to the requesting department.
  • Purpose of Payment: Description – Pay for work already performed for period (give dates). Show calculation of total amount to be paid: i.e., 20 hours x $6.00 = $120.00 or annual rate divided by 24 pays
  • Account Code
  • Amount
  • Earnings Code
  • Gross Amount
  • Req ID (JED, S Contract, GNCP or TRF that has the pay information regarding the Off Cycle payment request)
  • Backup must be attached.

What are the charges, options & fees?

There is no charge for this service



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