Classroom: Report Technology Issue

Who can use it?

Students, Faculty, Staff

What is it?

This service is used to report an issue with classroom technology equipment. Common issues include:

  • Issues projecting video from the provided, university-owned  PC/MACs or issues projecting video from your own device.
  • Problems with the Touch Panel in the classroom. Issues may include the Touch Panel being inoperable, out of sync, damaged, etc.
  • Issue with audio on the provided PC/MAC in the classroom or an  issue with the audio on your own device.

Where to get it?

Click on Report Classroom Issue button

How to use it?

UMS Office of Classroom Technology supports the use of technology in the centrally scheduled classrooms through effective installation and maintenance practices. We provide both onsite and remote user support through our state-of-the-art monitoring and control system. If an immediate response to an issue is needed during the class/event, users should contact UMS Classroom Technology Services at 831.3546

What are the charges, options & fees?

There is no charge for this service



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