PI Return to Campus Request

Who can use it?

Principal Investigators (PIs)

What is it?

PIs must submit an application to return to campus (below) on behalf of themselves and/or their coworkers and students

Where to get it?

Click on the Request Service Button

How to use it?

PIs must review the guidance of phased research ramp-up.

Determining coworkers and students who return to work

Each PI must think carefully about which group members will be allowed to return to work initially (Phases 0-2):

  • Trainees (Ph.D. students and postdocs) should be given top priority due to the need to complete their research projects in a timely fashion.
  • Priority should be given to lab staff who volunteer willingly to return to campus.
  • Consider the urgency of the work: graduate students or postdocs should be given high priority if they need to complete experiments to meet a thesis deadline, a paper submission, or a grant submission.
  • Consider the wellbeing of young trainees and staff who live alone in small apartments and might benefit greatly from the ability to come in to work.
  • Consider occasional replacement of personnel in the schedule with new people, to allow as many lab staff as possible to make some progress in their projects.
  • Undergraduate volunteers will not be allowed in our laboratories for the duration of the pandemic


Faculty work in many different disciplines, research norms, and practices vary significantly. A literary scholar will face different challenges than an economist who will in turn not face the same barriers as a researcher working with students in schools. A studio artist or musician will confront still different obstacles, thus we will need guidelines to follow and work through exceptions on a case by case basis.


What are the charges, options & fees?

There is no charge for this service



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