Adding devices to the UD Wi-Fi network


  • You must complete most of these steps on a computer, cell phone or tablet (an internet-capable device with a browser) before trying to connect a browserless device to UD Devices.
  • We strive to support devices like AppleTV, Amazon Echoes, AirPrint printers, etc. However, UD support for some updated devices, new devices, and changed devices may be unavailable.
  • Unpatched devices can pose a danger to other devices on a network. Browserless devices often don't get software updates like a laptop, phone, or tablet would. Therefore, devices on UD Devices are not permitted direct access to University networks.
  • Make sure you follow the directions below before attempting to connect a device to the UD Devices network.


  1. In a web browser, go to the UD Clearpass service and log in with your UD credentials. Your username is your UDelnet ID (no ""). Off-campus users must first log in to the UD VPN before they can use the UD Clearpass service.
  2. On the Manage Devices page, click the Create Device link on the left.
    Manage Devices screenshot
  1. In the first textbox on the device registration page, type an appropriate, descriptive device name, like "ABC_Redding_Printer" for a printer in room ABC of Redding Hall. Using a descriptive name will make it easier for IT to help with your device. (Note: You can edit the name in the future should you move to a different residence hall room.)
Device Registration
  1. In the next textbox on the device registration page, enter your device's MAC address. This page contains instructions on how to find the MAC address for several common devices. For example, the MAC address of a printer may be found by printing a test page or looking for a label attached to the printer or its box. If your device is not listed on the UD help page, refer to your manufacturer's instructions.
  2. How you complete the rest of the device registration page depends on the device you are using.
    • Apple TVs and Wi-Fi printers need to be set up as shared devices. Even if you are the only person using the device, it must be "shared" so that other devices on the network can find it.
    • If you are registering a shared device, like a wireless printer or an AirPlay device, click Connecting a Shared Device below.
    • If you are registering a device that will not be shared, like a gaming console, click Connecting an Unshared Device.
    • Depending on your role at the University (student, faculty/staff), you may see different fields on the device registration page.

Connecting a Shared Device 

  1. AirGroup: If you would like to share your device, make sure the box next to Enable AirGroup is checked on the device registration page.
  2. Ownership: Make sure the radio button next to Personal is checked.
  3. Shared With: In this field, enter the full email addresses of any members of the UD community with whom you'd like to share your device (ex: If you do not specify any users, the device will be shared with everyone.
  4. Shared Locations: This field is visible only to faculty and staff.


  • Click in the box to cause a dropdown listing of the codes for UD buildings. (The list may take several seconds to appear.)
  • Building codes can be found here; clicking on a building will show its code in parentheses after its name.
  • Choose a building code to share that device with anyone in that building.
  • The codes with the push-pin icon at the bottom of the list should only be used by advanced personnel.
  1. Account Expiration: Select a length of time for the device to be on the University's nework. You can select a time up to 4 years.
  2. Click Create Device. You should see a page with a device receipt summarizing the information about your device.

Finished Creating Device

  1.  On your device, go to Wi-Fi settings and choose UD Devices as the network. You can only do this step after you have completed the preceding steps.


Finished Creating Device

  1. On your device, go to Wi-Fi settings and choose UD Devices as the network. You can only do this step after you have completed the preceding steps.

If you are not able to add a device, click here and complete the request form. The Support Center will provide assistance.




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