UD Two-Factor (2FA) and Multi-Factor (MFA) Authentication


When logging in to UD resources such as Google Docs, UD VPN, and Microsoft Office 365 for Education, you will need a combination of your UDelNet ID and password, followed by a unique code or approval request that is sent directly to you. There are two authentication types at UD: two-factor authentication (2FA) and Microsoft Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

Whether you use 2FA or MFA depends on what resource you need to access. 

Use 2FA for any resource that requires the Central Authentication Service (CAS)
  • UD G Suite Accounts
  • UD VPN
  • UD Workforce
Use MFA for any UD Microsoft Office for Education Resource
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Exchange (Outlook)
  • Microsoft Teams

Methods of receiving your 2FA and MFA codes

There are three methods of receiving your authentication code.

  • Authenticator Apps

The Microsoft Authenticator Authenticator apps is the preferred method at UD for approving 2FA and MFA requests. Using an app for 2FA and MFA is more secure than receiving 2FA and MFA codes through text messages, and can help you avoid unnecessary charges for text messages. Google Authenticator can also be used for 2FA and MFA authentication. These apps can be downloaded from either Google Play (for Android users) or the App Store (for Apple iOS users).

Directions to set up Microsoft Authenticator with 2FA and MFA (Preferred)

  • Backup Methods for 2FA and MFA
Text or voice message
Use voice and text messages for a backup method of receiving your 2FA and MFA codes. This option allows you to receive your authentication codes through a text message or voice message sent to the phone number you provided.
University-issued fob
Fobs are available for purchase at the Apple store in the UD bookstore (map) for $23.25 each. Fobs are best used when using a smartphone app is not possible or when wireless connectivity is not available. Most fobs have a three- to five- year life span, do not have replaceable batteries, and are tamper-resistant. Each fob is linked to one and only one person. They are not shareable. See the University-issued fob for two-factor authentication (2FA) help page for more information.

Emergency recovery

Alternate phone number recovery

At least one US phone number is required as a back up method for receiving your 2FA code to ensure you can always access UD secure services.

In My UD Settings, you are encouraged to provide the phone number of trusted friends, family, or co-workers as another back up method, in the event you do not have access to your primary 2FA method or back up phone.

Emergency code recovery

The enrollment process directs you to print out a series of emergency codes. Each code will allow you one-time access to your account in the event that all of your other methods of authentication are unavailable. It is highly recommended that you print out the emergency codes during 2FA enrollment.

If you are unable to print the codes out during the enrollment process, you can log in to My UD Settings and click Change my two-factor authentication (2FA) to access the codes at a later time.

If you have questions about UD 2FA and Microsoft MFA, contact the IT Support Center.