My UD Reviews Policy

By posting a review on My UD, you agree to abide by the University of Delaware's Responsible Computing Policy and Acceptable Use Requirements and to use My UD appropriately.

My UD is not intended for solicitation, political purposes, or other non-University activities. The University reserves the right to remove any posting that it deems inappropriate.

Reviews containing personally identifiable information (PII), such as Social Security Numbers (SSNs), birth dates, and even UD IDs, or harassing, discriminatory, malicious, or threatening content will be promptly removed.

My UD reviews should be used for providing meaningful feedback about the forms and applications available for review, and should not be used to request help.

If you require assistance with a UD form or application, contact the IT Support Center by emailing, calling (302) 831-6000, or submitting a Help Request.






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