Campus-Wide License for Web Security Certificates

IT has a campus-wide license for HTTPS/SSL Web Security Certificates from GlobalSign. As part of its mission to support the campus infrastructure, IT makes these certificates available to departments at no additional cost.

GlobalSign Web security certificates are available with features such as the following:

  1. Certificates are valid for up to two years. They can be renewed just before their expiration dates.
  2. Certificates can be issued with extended validation.
  3. Wildcard certificates and certificates with multiple Subject Alternative Names (SANs) are also available.

You can learn more about requesting a GlobalSign Web Security Certificate at GlobalSign's website. If you use one of the tools linked from their site, be sure to select a key size of 2048 or larger.

You can also request a Web Security Certificate or renew your existing Web Security Certificate.


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Thu 7/18/19 11:53 AM
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