G Suite at UD FAQ

Please refer to the answers below to help you get the most out of Google Apps at UD.  If you can't find the answers you need or have any problems, please contact the IT Support Center.

General Questions

  1. Who is eligible to use G Suite at UD?
    Our agreement allows any UD faculty, staff, student, or retiree to use G Suite at UD.
  2. How do I log in to my G Suite at UD account?
    You access your account using your UDelNetID and password at the G Suite at UD login page.
  1. What do I do if I already have a Google Account where I log in with UDelNet ID@udel.edu?
    If you already have a google account where you log in with UDelNet ID@udel.edu, read the Special Situations and Troubleshooting page for directions on how you can use Google Apps at UD.
  2. What if I want my default site in Google to be the Calendar or something other than GMail?
    If you aren't using Google for email or would prefer to start in Google on a page other than the default GMail page, use one of the following URLs instead:
  1. Can I use two Google accounts simultaneously in the same browser?
    You can use the G Suite Multiple Sign-in feature to use your G Suite at UD and another Google account in the same browser.


  1. Can I keep my G Suite at UD account after I graduate?
    Yes. You will be able to continue using your account after graduation.


  1. I am a member of UD's alumni. How can I change my User ID or password?
    T o change your settings, click the Alumni Settings link on the Google Apps at UD login page.



  1. How much space do I have on G Suite at UD, and where is my email stored?
    You have up to 30 Gigabytes of storage on Google Apps at UD, and your email is stored in Google’s data storage centers.
  2. What is the maximum size for a G Suite at UD attachment?
    Google Apps at UD limits the size of attachments to 25MB. Keep in mind that the recipient's email system may not allow attachments of this size.
  3. How do I manage spam email?
    It's important to check your SPAM folder in Google email to make sure that legitimate messages aren't sent there by accident. The Google Help information on SPAM explains how to filter messages to ensure that only legitimate messages arrive in your Inbox.
  4. How can I forward my G Suite at UD to an outside email provider (Verizon, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc.)?
    If you choose to forward your mail, you can do so by using the UD Network Page.

    Remember that, according to the University’s Electronic Communications Policy, every student “must be responsible for receiving and reading any official communication sent to his or her ‘udel.edu’ account." The policy further states that, “if you choose to forward your email from udel.edu to another email server—either to a departmental server or to an off-campus ISP's server—you are responsible for making sure that your email forwarding is working so that you can continue to receive and read your email in a timely fashion.”
  1. How can I change my email address for Google Apps at UD?
    To change your UDelNetID (and, hence, your email address), log in to My UD Settings.
  2. What if I already have a Gmail.com email account?
    Your Gmail.com account is separate from your G Suite at UD account. There is no association between the two of them. You may share calendars and Google Documents from one account to the other so that you can access them from either account. If you are already forwarding your udel.edu email to a Gmail account, you will notice no change.
  3. Can I use my BlackBerry® smartphone with Gmail?
    No. Google has stopped supporting access to Gmail from BlackBerry® devices or BlackBerry® smartphones. For more information, contact the IT Support Center.


Google Calendar

  1. How do I configure the Calendar client on my PC/Mac or smartphone?
    You can configure the most popular calendar clients with G Suite at UD calendar. Click "Sync, importing, and exporting" and choose your client from the pop-up menu. You will need your Google password to configure a calendar client. Make sure you have gone through the steps in Obtain your G Suite at UD password before starting to configure your client.


Google Drive

  1. How do I use Google Drive (Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations and Forms)? 
    Google Drive allows you to create, share, and edit documents online. Google's Help site shows you how to get the most out of Google Drive, including sharing, collaborating, and importing existing Word & Excel Documents.


Google Sites

  1. How can I create a Web site with G Suite at UD?
    Google Sites allows you to create and update a Web site, including text, videos, presentations and more. Google's Help site shows you how to work with Sites, including sharing your Web site with others.


Privacy and Security

  1. How does Google protect my privacy?
    Google upholds a strict privacy policy and is committed to respecting the privacy of the information placed in its systems by not giving that information to others or using it inappropriately.

    You may read Google's FAQ on security and privacy and its privacy and security policies for a complete explanation of how they handle your information.

    Google agrees that students’ data is subject to FERPA requirements: “To the extent that Google has access to ‘Education Records,’ it is deemed a ‘school official,’ as each of these terms are defined under FERPA. Google agrees to comply with its obligations under FERPA.”
  2. Does Google share my personal information with outside organizations?
    No. Google is committed to upholding the privacy of your personal information.
  3. How secure is G Suite at UD? Does Google protect me from hackers, spam, viruses and phishing attacks?
    Google has one of the best spam blockers in the business. It checks for viruses and blocks them by not allowing you to download executable files that could contain damaging code.



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