Long Term Guest Access to UDelNet Resources

UD departments can sponsor long-term network access for non-UD researchers, contractors, and visiting scholars by contacting the IT Support Center. Since this kind of account allows access to UD email and some other UD resources, departments must request a UD ID for a guest.

  • This type of guest account is designed for
    • long term contractors
    • long term visitors and visiting researchers
    • long term consultants or advisors and
    • other people who are not students or who are not employed by UD but who will have a long-term relationship with your department.
  • This type of sponsored account is required if your guest requires access to UD data or UD email.
  • Your department may need to use the HR onboarding system to set up a UD ID in order to create a UDelNet ID and password for your sponsored guest.
  • The guest and a representative of the sponsoring department will need to execute an agreement about the guest's use of University computing resources.

For more information, contact the IT Support Center.

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