P.O. Box List Membership Issues

List Membership and Academic Term: Membership in a mailing list on the P. O. Box server is determined by criteria such as department, major, minor, class enrollment, University status (faculty, staff, undergraduate student, graduate student, degree program, year in school [e.g., Junior]), residence hall, and academic term.

Class lists are "active" for multiple academic terms. That is, you can send a message to your current students, students enrolled in one of the classes you taught during the previous two academic terms, or students registered for a class you will teach next term.

Majors lists are "active" for the current academic term only. For example, during the Fall 2014 academic term, you can send or view messages to a current (Fall 2014) major list, but only view messages posted to the list for Spring 2014. In addition, remember that academic standing factors into list membership. So if you are viewing the BIS-BAAS-FRESHMEN-2073 mailing list (Spring 2014) during the Fall 2014 (2078) academic term, you are viewing the messages sent to BIS students who were considered freshmen during the Spring 2014 academic term. Note: When Winter and Summer terms are the active terms, the Majors lists include all students in a Major and not just the students enrolled in that particular term.

Student Group Selectors used with Majors Lists:

  • Students = All students (superset of graduate and undergraduate)
  • Grads = All graduate students (superset of phd and masters)
  • PHD = All doctoral students
  • MS = All Masters students
  • Freshmen = All students classified as freshmen
  • Sophomores = All students classified as sophomores
  • Juniors = All students classified as juniors
  • Seniors = All students classified as seniors
  • Undergrads = Students in the union of the following sets within a plan: Majors, Minors, Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors

List Membership and Red X on Envelope: The red X on the envelope to the left of a person's name indicates that this person will not receive the e-mail sent to the list. This typically appears next to faculty and staff names who have been added to a list because of a special request for access.

List Membership and adding a TA: You can add people to the mailing lists you own. Faculty are the owners of their Class Mailing lists. To add a person to your list:

  1. Select your list.
  2. Select List Membership.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  4. Add the person's UdelNet ID in the "Identities" box.
  5. Choose membership type (Read-only, Contributor, etc.)
  6. Select "Add Member" button.
  • A contributor can post messages, an administrator can post and change list options, and an owner can post, change list options, and add new members to the list.

List Membership and allowing Students to Post messages: In the List Membership view, faculty can click on the box in the Post column if they want to allow their students to post messages to the Class Mailing list. Students will need to log into the PO Box to send messages to the list.

UDSIS Data used for List membership: The list membership information for the PO Box lists comes from UDSIS Data. It takes 1 day from a data update in UDSIS for that data to get updated in the PO Box lists. For example, if the data is entered in UDSIS on a Tuesday, UDSIS is updated overnight. That data is then updated in the PO Box system Wednesday night. This is applicable both for Instructor data in UDSIS as well as for Students adding/dropping courses.


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