Installing PncConnector2

  1. Open a web browser, and navigate to
  2. Click "Install".
    Install PncConnector2
  3. "Run" or launch the setup.exe file at the bottom of your browser. Click to Install when prompted.
    Do you want to install prompt

    The application will now install.
    Installation progress screen
  4. Once complete, PncConnector2 will launch, and a Manage URL Box will open.
    Click "Add" to enter the WebApps URL.
    Manage URLs screen
  5. Enter and click "OK".
    Enter PNC web application URL
  6. Highlight the URL with a single click and select "Launch".
    Manage URLs
  7. Click "Sign in" to log into WebApps using your credentials.
    Sign in to Point and Click
  8. An icon will be added to the desktop to quickly launch PncConnector2 moving forward.
    PncConnect icon
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