UD Web Forms: Equipment Activity Help

Questions regarding tagged equipment should be directed to Asset Management at (302) 831-2175. For untagged equipment, contact Procurement Services at (302) 831-2161.

For further information, refer to the following policies:


Definitions (See appropriate policy):

  • Junk— Unserviceable equipment that is being completely disposed of.
  • Cannibalized— A piece of equipment whose parts are being used in other pieces of equipment, rendering the original equipment unusable and unserviceable.
  • Permanent Transfer Off-Campus— This option is to be used when a piece of equipment is being permanently transferred to a location that is outside of any of the UD campuses. Research Office approval will be required in such cases involving research or other grants.
  • Sold— Serviceable equipment is sold for currency to an entity outside of the University of Delaware. (If you wish to relocate your equipment within the University of Delaware, contact Asset Management at (302) 831-2175.)


Additional Information for Tagged (Capital) Equipment Activity:

  1. This form is used to record changes in the status of university equipment. This form is currently only available for recording equipment disposals.
  2. All tags entered must be associated with the user’s department, or department for which they have responsibility for equipment management.
  3. Multiple tags may be used on the same form, but routing will be based on the equipment with the largest book value (original purchase price) on the form, as well as required other approvers, such as Purpose Code Approver.
  4. Additional help may be found at this page: UD Asset and Space Management.


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