Important information to include in your technology request


Overview of what information to include in your technology request including contact information, solution funding, and other details.


Contact Information

Solution Request Details

Solution Funding


Contact Information

It is helpful to provide a Budget Contact and your department’s IT Professional as they can help ensure you have the appropriate funding approvals and technical specifications incorporated into your solution.

Solution Request Details 

After you select the Solution Type, the form updates dynamically to show only the appropriate fields to ensure you submit the most relevant information for your request. Here’s a brief description of each Solution Type:

  • New Solution - Any new technology available in the cloud, or a local solution. This includes solutions such as web platforms, software programs, artificial intelligence solutions, system integrations, and other solutions. 

  • Renewal - An existing technology solution that you want to continue using and need to renew.

  • Project / Discovery - An idea for a technology solution you want to investigate or an idea to improve a process by leveraging new technology. 

  • Request For Proposal (RFP) - You already have the technology solution you need in mind and want to find the best vendor to provide the solution at the best price through a competitive bidding process.

  • Contract Change - Any change to an existing service that may require a new contract, a change to an existing contract (an addendum), or an opportunity to bundle multiple services from the same vendor under a single contract.

  • Hardware - Any kind of physical hardware purchase including laptops, servers, computer accessories, or specialized equipment (e.g. research equipment).

  • Add-on / Plug-in / Extension - Any add-on for an existing technology solution such as Zoom, Canvas, Microsoft Office 365, and Google. However, these requests are reviewed on a monthly basis and are not always recommended.

For the Attachments field, make sure you include the following, as applicable:

  • For a New solution, you must have the vendor complete the HEISC Community Vendor Assessment Tool (HECVAT). A HECVAT should also be completed for Renewals and Add-Ons / Plug-Ins / Extensions if a security review was not previously conducted or the scope of the services or agreement has changed.

  • If the solution has a user interface (UI) that more than 10 people will interact with, you must have the vendor complete a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT) [WCAG Edition, latest version] for Procurement to conduct an accessibility review.

  • The contract for the solution, as well as any addendums or other agreements (e.g., terms of service, end user license agreement, privacy policy, etc.) that go with it.

  • The order form for the solution.

  • Additional documentation as necessary, such as a security whitepaper, product information packet, or other files that may be useful to help IT understand the solution better.

Solution Funding 

Provide the estimated cost of the solution, including annual, one-time, and support/professional services fees. 


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