UD Exchange Online: About Public Folders


Public folders are no longer the preferred method of creating shared resources in Exchange Online. To request a shared resource, please choose a shared mailbox or a resource mailbox.

Public Folders are similar to folders kept in personal mailboxes, but they are shared from a public workspace. Typically, departments use three types of these folders: Calendars, Task Lists, and Contact Lists. A user must have access to a public folder before the contents of that public folder are accessible.

Requesting Access to Public Folders
To request changes to user access, contact the IT Support Center.  

When requesting access to a public folder, please provide the following:

  • The full path to the Public Folder. For example, rather than "The Room 102 Calendar," you should supply "Administrative Folders → IT-NSS → Chapel Street → Room 102."
  • The requested permissions. For example, edit or review permissions.

Troubleshooting Public Folders
To report a problem with an existing public folder, contact the IT Support Center.

Learn how to Connect to Public Folders



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