LaTeX UDThesis Styles for Senior Theses


A requirement for the Degree with Distinction and the Honors Degree with Distinction, the senior thesis is the culmination of a year-long major independent research or creative project. It addresses important unanswered questions and makes an original and valuable contribution to the scholarly, scientific, or artistic community. Its format and length depend on the discipline involved. For more information and applications, contact the Undergraduate Research Program.

Undergraduate senior thesis candidates using UDThesis styles should use them in conjunction with the Senior Thesis Handbook.

Note: Make sure you check for the latest names and titles for the signatures in your document. You must change these manually.

To get started, click to download the LaTeX UDThesis Guidelines.

Note: All LaTeX heading styles are numbered decimally within chapters.

  1. For all degrees:
  2. Download both the main.tex and tap.tex base files for the appropriate degree and copy them into the udthesis-base-files directory or folder:


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