Special Status Past-staff/Alumni


In order to support ongoing research efforts after students graduate, a special exception has been created for students that were involved in research, that can override the 15GB alumni Google storage limit. If you were employed at UD in a research capacity, you can submit this form to request up to 50GB of storage for your account. 

In addition, your P.I. can also sponsor up to 100GB of storage for your account. Your P.I.’s name must be included when you submit the form in order to be eligible for the 100GB upgrade.

Any storage limit extension is only valid for 2 years. After this period of time as elapsed, your account will automatically be reduced to 15GB per your alumni status. You are responsible for tracking the time elapsed, as this process is automatic and will not include a notification. 

IMPORTANT: If you are over 15GB when your account is automatically reverted to the alumni storage limit, your account will go read-only. After 60 days in a read-only state, your account will be disabled and will not be recoverable.



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Active students, faculty and staff and in some cases eligible former staff may request storage increases for some Google and M365 services.