Webex: Add and Update your E911 location

Your Webex voice service includes enhanced 911 (E911) integration that prompts you for your location. Keep your location current in the app so that 911 emergency services get to you quickly.

When opening the Webex application you may see the "required for E911 service" pop-up message (shown below). If you use the Webex Calling app on a desktop or laptop, you are required to set the Enhanced 911 (E911) location within the Webex application each time your working location changes per UD voice policy. E911 location data is essential for 911 calls to be accurately routed in the event of an emergency and is mandated by federal law. 

Your E911 service status shows in the Webex app footer, automatically detects when you change work locations, and requires you to update your address. You're prompted to set up your location when you first start using Webex and also when you change locations. If you return to a location that you've already set up, the Webex App updates your location without prompting you.

Set up E911 location (non-Mac devices)
Set up E911 location on a Mac

Set up E911 location (non-Mac devices)

The Webex app loads and appears similar to the screenshot below. Verify the icons at the bottom left of the app show Call Settings, Call Pickup and E911 Settings

  1. Click Add address.

E911 alert notification

  1. Fill out the requested information, and click Save.

E911 address fields

After adding an address, it appears in the list of saved addresses. If your device changes location, a new IP address will be detected and you will be prompted to enter a new location. When your work location changes, be sure to click the E911 settings button and change your 911 work location. If the E911 Settings button has a red X next to it at any time, you will need to click on it and set your current location. A green check indicates your address has been set.

E911 settings button in WebEX


Set up your E911 settings on a Mac

  1. When you open the Webex app for the first time or from a new location, you will receive the Emergency Calling Notification, notifying you that your Emergency 911 location is unknown. Click OK.

Webex E11 Dialing Dialogue box

  1. Click  E911 settings to add your current E911 location.

E911 settings button is indicated

  1. At the bottom of the window, next to “Emergency 911 address required”, click Add Address.


If you're using MacOS 12 (Monterey) or later, you must enable Location Services for Webex App.

  1. Select Do not ask me again, then click Open Privacy Settings.

Open Privacy Settings dialogue box

  1. MacOS’s privacy settings window opens. Click the lock icon in the bottom left corner to make changes.

Security and Privacy settings with lock

If your Mac is managed by UDIT, you will need to run the Self Services Application, then run "Make Me Administrator" prior to unlocking the Privacy settings. Log in with your macOS credentials when prompted.

Mac self service icon

Mac self service window

  1. When the unlocked icon appears, ensure that Location Services is enabled and that Webex is selected. Then click the lock icon to complete the task, and close the Security & Privacy window. 

If Webex does not appear in the list of applications, ensure Location Services is enabled, click the lock, and close the window. You will still be able to enter your address.

  1. Add your current location via the “Add emergency 911 address” window. Give your location an easily recognizable name that you can select if your location is not automatically assigned. When first enabled or a new network is detected, select Add address (when prompted), and fill in the required information for your current location. Use a unique address description if you're connecting to a new network but your physical address hasn't changed. For example, if you're connecting to a new network at home, when submitting your address, specify a unique address description for that network.

Fill in address diaglogue box















  1. When you've successfully set up your E911 settings, a checkmark appears in the bottom footer of the app.

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