Webex Calling: Paging Instructions

Webex Group Paging allows a user to place a one-way call or group page to up to 75 target users and workspaces by dialing a number or extension assigned to a specific paging group.
To request the set-up of a paging group, please submit a service request form and include the following:
  • ORIGINATOR names and email addresses - An ORIGINATOR is a person, or persons, who can initiate pages by dialing the assigned extension from their assigned device (physical phone) on the network.

  • TARGET names and emails addresses - A  TARGET is a person or persons who will receive the page at the time it is initiated. 

If you use Webex and are defined as an ORIGINATOR of a PAGING GROUP:

  • Telephone Services will assign a paging extension number or phone number to the ORIGINATORS of the group. 

  • Only ORIGINATORS can dial the special extension or phone number AND are the only ones who can speak on the page. Paging is a ONE-WAY communication.

  • An assigned ORIGINATOR picks up their phone handset and dials the assigned group phone number or extension (provided by Telephone Services). 

  • All phones in the TARGET GROUP will ring and will announce “Paging” over the phone speaker, if the TARGET does not pick up the call. 

    • The Caller ID will reflect the PAGING GROUP ID or ORIGINATING PHONE NUMBER that was created and selected during admin set-up.

  • The ORIGINATOR can start speaking when they hear “Paging Ready” in their handset or speaker.

  • If the TARGET does not pick up their handset, their speakerphone will be activated.

If you use Webex and are defined as a TARGET of a PAGING GROUP:

ORIGINATORS should reach out to TARGETS to let them know their phones are in the TARGET GROUP and will receive pages. 

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