Staying In Touch: Voicemail and forwarding options

Setting up a new voicemail

Learn how to set up a new voicemail and create a pin. 

Forwarding voicemail

If you plan to work from home, it's important to understand how to forward your UD phone to your work location and check your UD voicemail remotely. 

Instructions on call forwarding differ depending on the model of phone. Refer to the appropriate reference guide for instructions.

Note: If you are forwarding your calls to an off-campus number, you must put a “9” in front of the full phone number (e.g., 9-1-302-555-5555).

Accessing your voicemail

To access your voicemail utilize the message soft key for your model phone or dial *VM (*86) or x7000 from your phone.

Note: If you do not have access to your phone, please submit a Request for Service form and we can activate it for you.

Resetting your voicemail PIN

To reset your voicemail PIN, contact Telephone Services via the Request for Service form.

Accessing your voicemail from another location

For remote voicemail access, dial (302) 831-7000. You will be asked to enter your “ID,” which is your 7-digit phone number and your PIN. 

Sending voicemail to your email

Make getting your voicemail easier by enabling voicemail to send .wav files of your messages directly to your email. To activate this feature, contact UD’s Telephone Services.  

This setting takes place immediately and all voicemail messages will be copied to your email. You must still log into your voicemail to completely delete messages. Deleting the email will not delete the voicemail. 

Voicemail settings

Learn more about voicemail settings, including how to reset your pin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Read our Telephone FAQ for additional information.

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