Getting Connected from Home

Having access to a reliable Internet connection is crucial for many employees' job functions. The following are some options for gaining access (or improving your current access) to the Internet.

Through your personal Internet carrier

Your home cable or FIOS (fiber-optic) internet service should have at least the industry-standard minimum connection speed of 25mbs download and 3mbs upload (25/3). If you routinely access file shares or attend video conferences, you should increase your connection speed to 50/10 or 100/50.

UD employees get a small discount on Verizon FIOS services. Check your eligibility.

Starlink satellite service is now available to a limited number of users in certain coverage areas. Learn more.

Through your department's Internet carrier

If your department already has a cellular account, they should also have a point of contact designated. The point of contact can assist you with establishing cellular access, including ordering a MiFi for you, if necessary.

For remote wireless Internet access options, you can reach out to your personal cellular carrier (Verizon Wireless, AT&T, etc.).

Additional paid options

  • Unsure of what broadband providers are available in your area? This map can help you find out.
  • If you live in Kent or Sussex county, you may be able to use Bloosurf.

Free/discounted options

Visit the HR employee recognition page and scroll down to the “Employee Discounts” section to see the current discounted Internet and cellular options available to UD employees.

Free/discounted internet and cellular options during the pandemic


UD staff and faculty using University-owned devices are eligible for the FirstNet Plan with Unlimited Talk & Text/Unlimited Data/Unlimited hotspot.

  • Cost: $45 (not including fees and taxes)
  • AT&T ordering contact: Alyssa Knaub (

Note: Converting to a new phone plan may temporarily disconnect your service and require rebooting your device.

Verizon Wireless

UD staff and faculty using University-owned devices may sign up for the Verizon Public Safety Plan with Unlimited Data.

If you have questions, reach out to

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