UD-Qualtrics Support

UD-Qualtrics has the following support resources:

For certain issues, Qualtrics Support may direct you to the UD Qualtrics Brand Administrator, who can be reached by submitting a request to the UDIT Support Center.


Submitting a Support Request to Qualtrics

To contact Qualtrics support, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to UD-Qualtrics with your UD Username and password.
  2. Click Help, and then click CONTACT SUPPORT.
  3. Click on Sign in with SSO.

Qualtrics log in screen with "Sign in with SSO" button.

  1. When prompted for your Organization ID, type delaware, and then click Continue.

The organization ID field with "delaware" typed in the field.

  1. Complete your support request. 
The UD-Qualtrics system is supported by IT Client Support & Services. Contact the Support Center to report problems.
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