HP DesignJet Z6200 Poster Printing Instructions for Windows

Design your poster project with the correct paper size using the application of your choice. Below is an example for creating a poster using PowerPoint. Although PowerPoint was not designed for poster production, many people have the program and are happy with its results.

If you plan on using logos in your poster presentation, use the eps format for better printing quality. Official UD logos can be downloaded from the University of Delaware Office of Communication and Public Affairs website.

Create your poster

Create a project in PowerPoint:

  1. Open a new PowerPoint document.
  2. From the Design tab, choose Slide Size, click Custom Slide Size and enter your poster's dimensions.
  3. Design your poster and save it in case you need to make revisions later.
  4. From the MS Office icon list choose Print:
    • Choose the HP DesignJet from the printer list.
    • Click Properties and then Advanced.
    • Choose PostScript custom size and enter your page width & height (long edge first)
    • Click OK to save your selection.
  5. Click OK.
  6. From the File menu, click Save as PDF.

Poster Templates for PowerPoint

Below are some common sizes that can be used for poster printing on the 42” printer. By saving your file as a PDF format, you will be able to view your project as it will look when printed.

Preview your poster

If you want an exact preview of your poster, you must convert your file to a PDF file and view it using Acrobat Reader.

Note: If you are using specialized fonts to produce your poster and those fonts are not installed on the DesignJet printer you must embed the fonts in your PDF file before bringing the file to be printed in Smith Hall. See your specific application for directions to embed your fonts.

Print your poster

Once you have previewed your file, you can bring the PDF and the original file to the Smith print station in room 004 Smith Hall.


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