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Questions should be directed to General Accounting at (302) 831-2175 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Important Note: Use of the browser's "back" button will cause a loss of any information that has been entered on the form. Use form buttons only -- located at the bottom of the form -- for navigation while completing the form.

Page 1

  1. Enter a Short description for the journal voucher. Field length is 30 characters.

  2. Enter an Explanation and justification for the journal voucher. Include detailed information that fully describes the nature of the transaction. For example: To move expenditure(s) from one Purpose to another Purpose. Also include the initial transaction date(s), amount(s), and account(s) related to the amount being moved.

  3. In the Attachment(s) area, upload any documents that are used to support this journal.

  4. In the Upload JV line items area, you may attach an Excel spreadsheet of your journal entries if your journal is 10 or more lines. You must use the required template provided to correctly format your journal entries. Use the "required template" link to download the template file. Open the template and enter your journal line data on the first tab. Instructions with rules and formatting requirements are provided on 2nd tab. Save your completed spreadsheet, then return to the Journal web form and use the "Browse" or "Choose file" button to upload your spreadsheet and proceed with the web journal.

  5. Enter the Journal date in the format indicated on the form (mm/dd/yyyy). The Journal date entered in this field will determine the period and the fiscal year to which the journal voucher will be posted. For example: If the Journal date entered is 09/15/2013 the journal voucher will be posted in period 3 of fiscal year 2014.

    If the journal voucher is to be posted in an Adjustment period, then use the drop down box to select the Adjustment period and do not enter a Journal date. Closing period 991 is the second June close for use by all University departments; Closing period 992 is the third June close and its use is limited to the Associate Treasurer's office and the Budget office.

  6. Choose a JV type:

    1. One-time JV – This is the default entry and creates a single journal voucher as entered.

    2. Accrual/Deferral JV - If processing an accrual of expense or deferral of revenue journal, select the option for "Accrual/Deferral JV" and then enter a Reversal date.

      The Accrual/Deferral functionality will create a WEB journal dated as entered in Journal date. A second journal voucher will automatically be created dated as of the Reversal date, with debits and credits reversed. The WEB journal id will be the same for both journals.

      This functionality is generally used to create an accrual of expense or deferral of revenue, with the subsequent reversing entry created in a future accounting period.

    3. Recurring JV – If processing a journal that is to recur over several sequential months in the same fiscal year, select the option for "Recurring JV" and enter a To and From date.

      To and From Dates:
      The months selected for processing must be sequential and remain in the same fiscal year. All information on the journal will be the same in each monthly journal and they will be dated the same day in each month. The day of the month selected must be the same for both the "from" and "to" options.

When finished completing these four required fields, click "Next step" to continue.


Page 2

  1. Chartfield Information (if not uploading spreadsheet):
    SpeedType: Enter the SpeedType if known; or use the SpeedType "lookup" tool to locate the SpeedType. Once Speedtype is entered, other fields—Fund, Program and Department—will automatically populate within the journal voucher and can be seen on the next page of the journal voucher as you proceed. To activate the "lookup" for SpeedType click on the word (lookup). This action will activate a box that will prompt you to enter the first 3 characters of the SpeedType and also to click on "Next step". This will narrow down your search to locate the correct SpeedType. From the list that appears, select the appropriate SpeedType, and then click "Submit form". The SpeedType on the journal voucher will now reflect your selection.

  2. Enter Class if the Account that you will be effecting requires it (salary accounts only). Use the "lookup" tool in the same manner as described for SpeedType.

  3. The User Field is a chartfield that is user defined. For more information about whether this field will be used by your department and how it will be used, contact your manager. It is not a required field for processing the journal voucher.

  4. Enter an amount in either the Debit or Credit field. Use dollars and cents, for example 10.50.

When finished completing these fields, click "Add line" to complete the remaining part of the first accounting line and to begin the second accounting line.


Page 3

Note that the FundProgram, and Department fields have been automatically populated according to the SpeedType that was entered on the previous page. The Purpose description also appears within the accounting line. In order to complete the accounting line, you will be presented with a few more fields: Account, which is a required field; Project ID/Grant; and Source.

  1. Account field is a required field. It also has the "lookup" tool for proper identification. (Reminder-expense accounts begin with "1" (one) and revenue accounts begin with "R". Considerable care should be taken when selecting Accounts that begin with "A" and "L" as these are asset and liability accounts and must be used in conjunction with the appropriate SpeedType.)

    Note: Capital equipment accounts, 1670—through 169000, are not accepted on this form. For capital equipment funding changes, contact Asset Management at 302-831-8951.

  2. Project ID/Grant field is to be used if the transaction will be affecting a plant project, contract or grant. A lookup tool is available for this field.

  3. Source field should be completed in conjunction with the use of the Project ID/Grant field. It identifies the source of funding for the plant project, contract or grant. A lookup tool is available for this field.

At this point, you have completed the first transaction line of the journal voucher and you will need to enter additional line(s) to complete and balance the journal voucher. Note that an area for partial entry of line 2 appears on this page. Repeat the steps outlined above (starting at Page 2—Entry of Chartfield Information and continuing through Page 3) until you have completed entering all of your journal voucher transaction lines.

When you are finished adding lines to the journal voucher, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Next step".


Page 4

Additional Information

This page appears if the Project ID/Grant field is populated for any of the entered lines on the JV. Use the following guide to help prepare complete responses to the grant related questions.


Understanding and Responding to 90-Day JV Questions

Question 1 What is the oldest original date of the expense being transferred?
"Original date" can be defined as the first date that the expense was charged to a UD purpose.
Question 2 Why was this original expenditure not charged appropriately?
The detailed response should minimally address who, what, when, where, why and how. Some considerations that may help to clarify a complete response to this question: Who had access to the data? When did they have access? Who changed the data? When did the data change? Was a control process not in place at the time the original transaction took place? Was an invalid process followed? Was an existing process not followed? What happened initially that caused the incorrect recording of the item?
Question 3 Why should this charge be transferred to the proposed receiving project?
Justification is needed as to why the expense should be transferred to the "receiving project." If the cost is to be transferred to a sponsored agreement, is the expenditure appropriate for that project? Is the expenditure in compliance with the terms and restrictions of the award document? Some considerations help to clarify a complete response to this question: If the charge is an allocation between multiple projects, how is it being supported (refer to UD CAS guidelines)? What makes the charge valid for the 'receiving project' and invalid for the existing project? Is there supporting documentation to validate the expenditure?
Question 4 Why is this cost transfer being requested more than 90 days after the original transaction date?
Timing is the key response here. If a 90-day JV is needed, it may give the impression that our institution is not managing funds properly. Proper management of funds requires frequent review of spending activities/transactions. Some considerations that may help to clarify a complete response to this question: Is there supporting proof or documentation to indicate adequate efforts were taken to have the transfer processed prior to 90 days? Is there a flaw with the current process? Why wasn't the need for this transfer found earlier? Is the college/department dependent on another area in ensuring timely posting of transactions?
Question 5 What steps will be taken to prevent this type of error from happening in the future?
This response should either indicate the adherence to an existing process or the implementation of a new process. It is recommended that you review UD's Externally Sponsored Project Cost Transfer Policy 6‐18 and Cost Transfer Procedures (doc format). Some considernations to help clarify a complete response to this question: Monthly review of award activity along with consultation with PI is recommended to promote UD's established guidelines for responsible stewardship of funds. Is everyone aware of departmental processes?

Approver/Carbon Copy Routing Page

You will see your name listed in the first role as the "Originator" of the journal voucher. To add an account administrator as an approver, enter the UDelNet ID of the account administrator as the drop down box defaults to "Approver". To copy an account administrator, open the drop down box and select "Copy".

When you are finished adding account administrators as either "Approver" and/or "Copy", scroll down to the bottom of the page and click "Finish and submit".


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