UD Web Forms: FIN Budget Revision Help

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  • Use of your browser's "back" button will cause you to lose any information that you have entered on your form - please use the form buttons only - found at the bottom of the form.

Questions should be directed to the Budget Office at (302) 831-1234.

Budget revisions are entered on two pages; instructions follow for each page.

Page 1

  1. Enter a short description for your budget revision. The description may not exceed 30 characters.

  2. Enter an explanation for your budget revision. Please include any information that may help the Budget Office understand why you are processing this entry.

  3. Ledger group "TEMPBUD" may be selected to process a budget revision that will be in effect for the current fiscal year only. Ledger group "PERMBUD" may be selected to process a budget revision that will affect all future fiscal years (a "permanent revision").

  4. Type in a Journal Date. The date format is: 06/13/2003—you must include the slashes. For folks who will be doing reports: Please note the journal date will translate into whatever accounting period this represents. Dates which are bank holidays or which are "closed" periods in PeopleSoft will return an error.

If you are processing an adjusting entry, please select from the drop-down box:

  • Period 991 represents the "second close" (used by all university departments).
  • Period 992 represents the "third close" (used ONLY by Budget Office and Associate Treasurer's Office staff).


Page 2

  1. Enter a SpeedType. If you don't know your SpeedType, you can look it up by clicking on the "lookup" link underneath the SpeedType.

  2. Enter a class if applicable. The "lookup" function also works here. You will have a second opportunity to enter the class, if you fail to enter it on this page.

  3. Enter a user field if applicable. Please note that you will have a second opportunity to enter a user field on later pages.

  4. Enter a Debit or a Credit.

    1. If you are using an Expense Account (account beginning with a 1) a Debit increases the budget and a Credit decreases the budget.
    2. If you are using a Revenue Account (account beginning with an R) a Credit increases the budget and a Debit decreases the budget.
    3. Please note that all amounts should be in whole dollars - no pennies.
  5. Click on "Add line". The Delete and Budget Benefits Actions will appear in the far right-hand column.

  6. Enter an Account for the line that you just entered. The "lookup" function also works here. You may change or add a class, user field, ProjectID/Grant or Source if applicable.

  7. If the Account line entered is a salary account and benefits will need to be budgeted, click on the Budget Benefits Action. The appropriate benefit account will automatically add a line with the benefit amount calculated and the Budget Benefit Action will disappear from the salary line.

  8. Enter information on the next line (and as many additional lines that you need) by following steps 1 through 7 again.

  9. If a salary amount needs to be changed after the benefits have been calculated, use the Delete Action to delete the benefit line. The Budget Benefits Action will reappear on the salary line that was associated with the benefits. Change the salary amount and click the Budget Benefits Action which will add a new benefit line and amount.

  10. When you have entered all of the lines you need, make sure your debits and credits are equal, THEN click the Next Step button.

  11. Enter the usernames for employees that you either want copied or to approve or both. It is NOT necessary to enter the extension @udel.edu.

  12. Click "Finish and submit".


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