Updating your Emergency Contact Information for Staff

The University of Delaware chose an emergency notification vendor, Send Word Now, to implement UD Alert. The University of Delaware has purchased an emergency communications system, called "UD Alert," that allows the University to send emergency notices to staff. These notices will be sent in a variety of ways: voice messages (to office, cell or home phone), email and text message (to a pager or cell phone). The phone numbers you provide will be used to notify both you and your emergency contact(s) of critical messages should an emergency arise.

The University of Delaware has other tools besides UD Alert that we use to notify students. They are:

  • Carillon System (outdoor speaker system)
  • Cable TV Override
  • Classroom Digital Video Projection Override
  • Local Media
  • University Home Page
  • University email System
  • University Voice Mail System

See the UD Alert FAQ for additional information.

We suggest reviewing your contact information at least twice a year -- April for UD Directory information and November prior to W2 creation. However, you may update your information at any time via the HR Employee Emergency Notification Web Form.

To update your information, use the HR Employee Emergency Notification Web Form to:

  1. Correct any information on under the section titled "Address and contact information".
  2. Provide or update your cell phone number.
  3. Provide or update an Emergency Contact name.
  4. Provide or update Emergency Contact phone numbers. These should be numbers where your emergency contact can be reached quickly.

Click Next step and then click Finish and Submit.

Questions on the HR Employee Emergency Notification Web Form may be directed to Human Resources at (302) 831-8677 or hrsystemsadmin@udel.edu.


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