My Accounting Shortcuts (Nicknames) Help

My Accounting Shortcuts allows you to save and nickname Chartfield combinations that you frequently use with UD Web Forms and other web applications, that are set up to use the nickname feature.

If you have questions, contact General Accounting at 302-831-2175, or

  • Log in to My Accounting Shortcuts at

  • Provide a Nickname to help you identify this chart of accounts. Nicknames may be a maximum of 10 characters. Examples are "supplies", "chemgrant", "miscwage", etc.

  • Provide the SpeedType to go with this nickname. Use the lookup, if necessary.

  • Click Next step and provide additional Chartfield information. The Account is required; all other Chartfields are optional.

  • Click Finish and submit to add this Nickname. Click Cancel to abandon adding.

  • You may add an unlimited amount of nicknames.

  • Use the Edit and Delete buttons to manage your Nicknames. Note that editing or deleting the Chartfields for a Nickname does not effect any forms on which that Nickname has already been used.

  • Click the Logout link in upper right to exit when done.

Then next time you log in to a form that uses Nicknames, you will see your current Nicknames listed.



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