G Suite at UD: Special Situations & Troubleshooting

I already have a Google Account where I log in with udelnetid@udel.edu

One of the initial steps in migrating our UD email to Google was to create all @udel.edu accounts on the Google servers. This means that you actually have two accounts at Google which use your @udel.edu address as a username.

One was created when you first signed up for Google apps (calendar, docs, sites, etc.), and one is officially associated with your UD account. It's important to note that the two are completely independent of each other.

If you have an @udel.edu Google account and are having problems seeing your information, you need to disassociate your Google account from the udel.edu address that you initially created.

How to disassociate your xx@udel.edu address from your Google account

  1. Go to google.com and sign in with your @udel.edu username and Google password.
  2. You will need a secondary email address (e.g. Yahoo, Comcast, etc.). We'll use Yahoo as an example here. If you already have another account, and it has not already been associated with a Google account, you can simply use that address and go on to step 3. Otherwise, open another window or tab, go to yahoo.com (or another service of your choice), and create an account.
  3. Go back to the Google tab or window that you signed into in step 1 above.
  4. At top right of the google.com page, click your email address or name, and choose Account.
  5. On the Accounts page, click the edit link next to Email.
  6. On the Manage account information page, type your secondary email address for Add an additional email address (e.g. xx@yahoo.com).
  7. Click Save. You will now need to verify this new email address.
  8. Go back to Yahoo, make sure you are logged into your Yahoo email, and check your inbox for a message from Google.
  9. Read the email message from Google in your Yahoo account. Click the verification link.
  10. Go back to the Google tab/window. At the top right click Sign out.
  11. Now sign in with this new email as your username (not your @udel.edu email) and your Google password. All of your calendars and documents will be there. Always use this sign on to access your Google account.


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