G Suite: When to use your UDelNet password or your G Suite at UD password

There are two passwords associated with your Google Apps at UD account:

Password #1: Your UDelNet password

  • You created this password when you chose your UDelNet ID and activated your account at UD. You use your UDelNet ID and password to access UDSIS or any other computing resources located only at the University of Delaware.
  • You use your UDelNet ID and the password you created to log in to the G Suite at UD Web login page.

Please note that the G Suite at UD Web interface can only be accessed through this page and not from google.com or any other Web page.

Password #2: A random password sent to Google for you

When your G Suite at UD account was created, a random password was generated and sent to G Suite.

For security, your G Suite at UD password was purposely set to be different from your UDelnet ID password. You have the option of changing this password to whatever you prefer (see below).

Use this password only to:

  • Configure and use an email IMAP program (Windows, Mac, or mobile device) to access G Suite at UD.

If you are using an email or calendar program on your computer or smartphone (e.g. Thunderbird, iCal), you must use UDelnetID@udel.edu as your username and your G Suite at UD password since the program is bypassing UD's Web login interface and directly accessing Google's servers.

To change your Google Apps at UD password:

  • Log in to the UD Network page.
  • Choose Obtain or change your password for IMAP or iCal access to Google Apps at UD. You may view the random password for your account or choose another password.


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