Gmail settings that may be required by your PC, Mac, or mobile phone email client

Some programs use a method of connecting to your GMail account called IMAP.  To use a program that connect to your GMail with IMAP, you may need to enable IMAP in your Google account settings and then configure the program settings to access your account.

  1. Enable IMAP in Google Apps at UD Mail by doing the following:
    1. Sign in through
    2. Click the gear icon gear icon at the top of the Gmail page.
    3. Select Gmail settings.
    4. Click Forwarding and POP/IMAP.
    5. Select Enable IMAP.
    6. Save your changes.
  2. By default, your Google Apps at UD password is different from your UDelNet password. To configure mail clients on your PC, Mac, or mobile phone, obtain or change your password.
  3. Specify settings to connect to your account. The settings location and wording will vary depending on the email client or mobile phone that you use. The following table contains an outline of the information required by Google Apps at UD to access your email account. For more information, see the Gmail help page. For tips on setting up your client, you can watch a relevant video.
Setting Specification
Account type: Other
Protocol: IMAP
User Name: UDelNet

Note: You must use your full UD email address for "User Name."
Email Address: UDelNet
Incoming Mail Server:
Use Secure Connection (SSL) for Incoming Mail Server: - Checked or Yes selected.
- Secure Connection (SSL)
- The port number should be set to 993.
Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP):
Use Authentication for Outgoing Mail Server :

- username: UDelNet
- Google Apps at UD password that you obtained in step 2 above.
- Secure Connection TLS (some clients call this SSL)
- The port number should be set to 587.
Note: If you have difficulty sending mail using port 587, use port 465 instead.

Email Password: If the password field reads "unassigned," click the password field and type your Google Apps at UD password. 


When you set up your email account using a local client or mobile phone, you may not see all the above options. If, after entering this information, you cannot connect, look for an Advanced Settings option where it may be possible to enter the additional required information.

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