Campus Network/Wi-Fi Upgrade Project

University of Delaware Information Technologies (UDIT) is embarking upon a multi-year project to optimize campus network capabilities, which will include upgrades to wired and wireless networks and the supporting infrastructure within campus buildings.

These upgrades are crucial for integrating teaching, learning, working, and socializing with technology. It also supports critical student services and public safety services that the UD campus community relies on. The goal of the project is to ensure that UD's academic and research communities have the connectivity required to thrive, with high bandwidth and low latency.




Phase I

January-May 2024

Replacement of legacy Wi-Fi Access Points (APs) that were end-of-life in various non-residence hall campus buildings.

May-August 2024

Network upgrade construction work in North Campus residence halls: Independence, James Smith, Thomas McKean, and George Reed.

Phase II

May 2024 - December 2025

Pre-construction work, including:  Reviewing wi-fi coverage, scheduling RF design, and scheduling review and optimization of network port usage in campus buildings.

July 2024-December 2025

Network upgrade construction work, including: Installation of new wireless access points, upgrading fiber optic cabling, and installation of new network switches.

Future Phases

Beyond 2025

The project is a multi-year effort, with future phases dependent on funding availability.


Proposed Work 

What to expect during pre-construction work
During scheduled pre-construction work, UDIT resources will be on site conducting surveys/walkthroughs to assess existing infrastructure and wireless coverage within the buildings. Technicians will need to access communications rooms and hallways. 

Also during pre-construction, UDIT will be reviewing network port utilization data and scheduling the optimization of the associated networking equipment. If you or your colleagues discover an active port has gone down during the work scheduled in your location, please contact your IT Professional and/or the IT Support Center ASAP to get the issue resolved. 

What to expect during construction work 
During the construction phase of the network upgrade process, UDIT resources will need to be on-site performing upgrade and installation services in most areas within a location, including overhead/ceiling space, common areas, and  inside rooms. Construction work will be planned and coordinated with the responsible IT Professional(s) ahead of time. Any multi-hour outages due to construction work will be communicated in advance. Temporary inconveniences such as restricted building access and noise from construction activities may occur. 

UDIT is committed to minimizing disruptions during the upgrade process and is working closely with campus stakeholders to plan and execute the upgrades with minimal impact on the daily activities of students, faculty, and staff. Your cooperation is appreciated as we work to enhance our network infrastructure.


List of Buildings: 2024-25


Building #

Building Name

NE42 Material Management Fac.
NW01 President's Residence
NE37 Data Center Core Network
NZ?? Inter-Building Connectivity
NC03 Sharp Lab
NC10 Wolf Hall
NS51 Stearns Benef Insect Lab
NC19 Alison Hall
NC32 Memorial Hall
NC38 Drake Hall
NC66 Graham Hall
NN06 Recitation Hall
NN17 Art Studio Building
NN95 Jastak-Burgess Hall
NC16 Academy Street, 200
NS111 501 South College Ave
NC30 Robinson Hall
NN18 Clayton Hall
NC12 Dupont Hall
NC13 Evans Hall
NC15 Colburn Lab
NC41 Spencer Laboratory
NE82 DE Biotechnology Inst.
NW34 Smith Hall
NC31 Morris Library
NC23 Kent Hall
NN61 Ray Street Dorms B
NC05 Brown Hall
NC28 Laurel Hall

This page will be regularly updated with information on the Campus Network/Wi-Fi Upgrade Project and any specific impacts for the campus community. 

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