Understanding Workflow Stages and Workflow Steps


Overview of the Workflow Stages and Workflow Steps that must be completed before a technology request can be finalized.


Workflow Stages

Workflow Steps


Workflow Stages

Once you have submitted your request, the request must go through three stages of the review process: 

  1. Initial Triage Review - Your request undergoes a high-level review to make sure there is not already a similar solution that could be leveraged and to check for potential issues. Funding approvals are also required during this stage, depending on your department and the cost of the request.

  2. Request Under Review - After initial triage has been completed, the request is fully reviewed to ensure the solution meets accessibility requirements and security standards, is compatible with existing infrastructure, and that the contract is favorable to UD. This often involves stakeholders from Procurement, General Counsel, and subject matter experts (SMEs) in IT. A discovery call may be needed to learn more about the solution and answer stakeholder questions. Some requests may need to go through a governance review process as well. 

  3. Request Finalization - After all reviews are complete and a decision has been reached, the request is closed out. 

You can tell what Workflow Stage the request is in by the icon next to it.

A checkmark  means the stage is complete, a square  means a stage is currently in progress, and a dash  means the stage has not been started yet. 

Note: You can also hover your cursor over an icon to see what it means.

screenshot showing the workflow stages for a technology request

Workflow Steps

Within each stage, there are various steps your ticket must go through depending on the type of request it is. You can view the Current Workflow Steps at any time to see what is happening with your request. 

screenshot showing workflow steps for a technology request

To learn more about a step, click on the step name to view the description and who the step is assigned to (often it’s assigned to a group rather than an individual).

screenshot showing approval step details for a technology request


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