Submitting the Technology Request form


How to submit the Technology Request form.


  1. Navigate to the Technology Request form.

  2. Read the instructions to make sure you understand the process and what documentation is required.

  3. Click Request Service at the upper-right side of the page.
    Request Service button for a technology request

  4. Complete all required fields with as much information as possible. Provide additional information as indicated.

  5. Click Request. A page displays confirming that you have submitted your request successfully.


Next, see Important information to include in your request.

Purchases made by UDIT: Purchases being paid for by UD Information Technologies, where the total contract price is >=$250K, must be submitted by one of the Chief Information Officer's (CIO) direct reports. You must provide the URL to a Google Doc with a completed Executive Summary (template) when you submit. The Executive Summary will be reviewed by the CIO, and once approved will be sent to the Executive Vice President (EVP).



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