How To Determine Port/Jack Information


How to determine port/jack information before making a Cable TV Request.


  • Locate the Jack closest to where the TV will be mounted

  • The Jack should look like this

    Ethernet port jack
  • Notice in the picture the number ‘106-2-1A’, this is the Port Number and is required for correctly configuring the port for IPTV connectivity. You may choose any port in the Jack that looks to be available, ie: doesn’t have a computer Ethernet cable plugged into it.

  • Sometimes a Jack may be located behind a TV, wall, etc where it is not easily accessible    

    • In this case, please enter ‘User Can Not Determine’ in the ‘Jack/Port Numbers’ field (shown below)

    • For multiple devices please provide the Jack/Port Number for each device

      Important: Field Tech Support for surveys and estimates may delay Installation needs.



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