Copland and Strauss Project


UD Information Technologies (UDIT) has a project underway to either migrate, provide alternative options, or eliminate services on the 15+ year-old hardware running on the Copland and Strauss servers.


UD Information Technologies (UDIT) has recently completed a project to either migrate, provide alternative options, or eliminate services on the 15+ year-old hardware running on the Copland and Strauss servers. Copland and Strauss previously served as the University of Delaware's central, general-purpose, Solaris (UNIX) systems. Usage of these servers had greatly declined over the years due to more modern solutions available on campus (see more info on alternatives below).

Copland migration

Copland migration

The migration of Copland and all its content (websites and files) from an on-premise server to a new Virtual Machine was completed on June 14, 2022

Users who are connecting to the new Copland with SSH will need to accept the new "" SSH host key. They may also need to manually delete the old SSH host key depending on their SSH/SFTP client.

New Copland SSH key fingerprint: RSA key fingerprint is SHA256:oV4CeKakSfDWkf6/luZ3Ow57ZmKNpc0arETJaXOXozI

Note on access:

Access to Copland is no longer automatically provisioned to every new student or employee at UD. The project team has granted access to the new VM to individuals who provided feedback through the IT Pros in February, as well as to any users who logged into Copland since July 2021. 

If you believe a client was not provided access in error, complete the Request/Revise/Remove Access form on TDX and select "Copland" to request access.

Note on personal web pages:

UDIT is aware that Copland's usage is almost entirely for the purpose of editing web pages. Existing personal web pages were migrated to the new VM, but disabled for anyone without login access to the new Copland. 

Note that htdocs and websites on www1 are NOT impacted, as these sites and files are not stored on Copland. Users will still be able to access files in htdocs and sites on www1 by logging into Copland. 

However, this service will be closed to new users. If you know of someone who needs a personal web page, please direct them to one of UD's other personal website options. Please note that department websites will still continue to be supported on Copland for units who cannot afford to migrate to AWS.



UDIT disabled logins to the Strauss server in September 2022.


Strauss was primarily used for programming. Most applications on Strauss are available to the UD community in other capacities, including many on UDeploy.

Name of application Description Alternative location
Scantron Faculty register their Scantron tests so they can be scanned and processed by student workers. Scantron has moved off Strauss to a new VM as of January 2022. The UD Computing Center still performs the scanning and processing service.
SPSS IBM SPSS Statistics is a software package used for interactive, or batched, statistical analysis. SPSS is available through Remote Computer Labs or can be licensed through UDeploy.
SAS SAS is a suite of analytics software, which helps access, manage, analyze and report on data to aid in decision-making. SAS is available through Remote Computer Labs or can be licensed through UDeploy. Also available on Farber. 
Stata Stata is a statistical software package used for data manipulation, visualization, and automated reporting.  Stata licenses are purchased at the individual college level and locally installed. Contact your IT-Pro for more information. 
MATLAB MATLAB is a programming and numeric computing platform developed by MathWorks used to analyze data, develop algorithms, and create models.   MATLAB can be placed on current faculty, staff and all UD-owned computers through UDeploy. 
emacs/xemacs Text editors that run on Unix operating systems.  emacs is available by request to on the new Copland VM.
TeX/LaTeX Typesetting packages for document preparation based on using a mark up language. Users should use their own local versions. TeXStudio and TeXWorks are available on UDeploy. 
NAG Fortran compiler The compiler translates programs written in Fortran into executable programs.  The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at UD maintains a departmental license for the NAG Fortran Compiler. Contact that department for more information. 


If you or your clients have any additional questions or concerns, please contact the IT-Project Management Office at



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