UD Virtual Desktop Service (VDI)

UD COVID-19 Response

The University of Delaware has made class and lab software available in virtual computing sessions. These sessions are available to UD faculty and students.

By using the CAS Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), you can access needed software through the VMware Horizon Client software.  
To learn more about this service, see our Class Software service page.
You must be logged in to the UD VPN to use this service.

The CAS Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) will allow you to use the specialized software you would normally access in a computer lab without having to go to the computer lab or requiring the software to be installed on your computer. 
There are two ways to access the Virtual Desktop: 
  • Use a web browser. If you have an up-to-date web browser (recent version of Chrome, Safari, or Edge) you are ready to go. For best performance, only use the web browser if you are having issues with the VMWare Horizon Client.