Install and Use the VMware Horizon Client in iOS, Chromebook, or Android OS

The University of Delaware has made class and lab software available in virtual computing sessions. This service is available to UD faculty and students.

By using the VMware Horizon Client, you can access needed software through a virtual desktop client on your computer. 

Starting in August 2021, the UD Central Authentication Service will be used to log in to the UD VDI service.

This article has steps to download, install, and use the VMware Horizon client in

Because of functionality and performance issues, we don't recommend using these platforms. These instructions are included for the sake of completeness. 

Download and Install the VMware Horizon Client


VMware Horizon Client in the iOS app store



Use the VMware Client:

The steps below are on an iOS device, but will be similar on all devices.

  1. On your computer or device, open the VMware Horizon Client.

iOS VMware icon

  1. In the server address field, type, and tap Connect.

VMware Horizon client on iOS Server Setup dialogue box

  1. Log in with your University of Delaware credentials.

UD Central Authentication Window

  1. If prompted, check the Always allow.... box and click Open VMware Horizon Client 32-bit.
  2. Enter your full email address and password, and tap Login. If you type just your UDelNetID (no, you must change the ‘Domain’ selector to WIN

  1. Double-click the appropriate pool icon to start your VDI session.

Example of available pools: Graphics Intensive Pool and Standard Pool

Tip: If you can’t connect to the UD VDI service, make sure you have the most recent version of the Horizon Desktop Client. Always keep your software up to date.

  1. Once your session starts, you will be connected to a Windows 10 computer with the software you need installed. It will look similar to the image below.

Windows 10 desktop appears

  1. Start the program(s) you need from the Windows logo button at lower left.

Windows start button has been clicked.


Any changes you make or files that you save in your VDI session will be gone forever when you log out!

To save your work to a cloud service, such as Microsoft OneDrive, run a web browser from your VDI session, and connect to the service as you would from any computer or device.

  • Microsoft OneDrive:
  • Examples:Google Drive: 
  • Dropbox:


End a VDI Session

When you are finished working in the VDI session and have saved your work to another location, log out of the session.

  1. Tap the Windows button in the lower left corner.

Windows button is indicated

  1. Click the grey circle / person icon on the left, and then tap Sign out.

person icon and Sign out are indicated