UD VDI Service: Using the VMware Horizon HTML Client

The University of Delaware has made class and lab software available in virtual computing sessions. VMware Horizon HTML access is available available to UD faculty and students with an up-to-date web browser (recent version of Chrome, Safari, or Edge). To learn more about this service, see our Class Software service page.

  • By using the VMware Horizon HTML Access client, you can access needed software through a web browser. 

  • The downloaded VMware Horizon Client for Windows, mac OS, and other systems offers superior performance to the HTML Client. Only use the VMware HTML client if downloading and installing the VMware client is not possible. 

  • For issues using the VMware HTML Client, contact the IT Support Center.

Starting in August 2021, the UD Central Authentication Service will be used to log in to the UD VDI service.


Log in to and use the VMware Horizon HTML Access client

  1. Open a Web browser, and navigate to https://vdi.art-sci.udel.edu.

VMWare Horizon panel with VMware Horizon HTML Access option indicated.

  1. Log in with your University of Delaware account credentials.

  1.  In the logon box, enter your full @udel.edu email address and password, then click Login. If you type just your UDelNetID (no @udel.edu), you must change the ‘Domain’ selector to WIN

VMware login page

  1. You will see one or more icons depending on virtual desktop sessions that are available to you. Double-click the appropriate pool icon to start your virtual desktop session:
available virtual desktop pools
  1. Once your session starts, you will be connected to a Windows 10 computer with the software you need installed. It should look similar to the image below. 

Windows 10 desktop

  1. You can save files, change settings, etc., without worrying about damaging anything or leaving anything behind for the next user.
Any changes you make or files that you save on the VM will be gone forever when you log out!

Save your work to a cloud service, such as Microsoft OneDrive, run a web browser from your VDI session, and connect to the service as you would from any PC. Examples:

  • Microsoft OneDrive: https://onedrive.microsoft.com
  • Google Drive: https://drive.google.com 
  • Dropbox: https://www.dropbox.com
  1. Start the program(s) you need from the Windows logo button at lower left.

windows icon in lower left of screen is indicated

  1. When you are finished working and have saved your work to another location, log out of the VDI session.
    1. Click the Windows button in the lower left corner:

windows button in lower left indicated

  1. Click the grey circle / person icon on the left, and then click Sign out.

person icon on Windows start menu is indicated

Sign out button is indicated