Connecting to and Using Microsoft OneDrive in the CAS VDI System

IMPORTANT: You must have Microsoft Multi‐Factor Authentication (MFA) set up before you can use this, or any University of Delaware Microsoft Office 365 service. If you have not yet set up MFA, follow the instructions here:


Note: You must be logged in to the UD VPN to use the CAS VDI System.

  1. After logging into your VDI session, wait for the OneDrive cloud icon to appear in the task bar in the lower right corner

The One Drive icon is indicated on the Windows taskbar.

  1. It takes about a minute after login for the OneDrive service to fully start. During this time, the icon will disappear and reappear one time. Once the service has started, click the cloud icon once to get the sign‐in dialog. Then click Sign in.

OneDrive "Sign in" button is indicated

  1. Type your full UD email address, and click Sign in.

Set up OneDrive dialogue with field to type email address. "Sign in" button is available.

Note: If you also have a personal Microsoft account tied to your UD e‐mail address, you will be asked which account you want to use. Click Work or school. Most people will not see this dialog. 

  1. At the University of Delaware dialog, enter your UDelNet password and click Sign In.

Microsoft OneDrive at UD login dialogue with option to click "Sign in"

  1. Approve the MFA request on your phone or via another method depending on how you chose to set up MFA.  Because this is a virtual session, there is no reason to select the “Don’t ask again . . .” box. You will always get an MFA request regardless.

Approve sign in request dialogue. Leave "Don't ask again for 14 days" empty

An example of MFA approval from a mobile app.

  1. Click Next.

One Drive folder screen with option to click "Next"

  1. Close the “Welcome to OneDrive” dialog by clicking the X.

The "X" is indicated in the upper right corner of the Welcome to OneDrive window.

  1. Explorer will open to your OneDrive folder. You can open, work with, and save files as if they were stored on a local drive. All your changes will automatically be synchronized to the cloud.

The One Drive folder as shown in Windows Explorer

  1. When changes are synchronizing, the OneDrive cloud icon will show a sync symbol. DO NOT QUIT YOUR VDI SESSION UNTIL SYNCHRONIZATION HAS FINISHED.
The One Drive synchronization icon shows on the Windows task bar
  1. You can make sure all of your changes have been saved back to the cloud by hovering your mouse cursor over the OneDrive cloud icon. If you see the message "OneDrive.....Up to date", then you can safely to quit your session.

OneDrive is Up to Date message shows when hovering mouse over OneDrive taskbar icon