Connecting to and Using Google Drive in the UD VDI Service

Google Drive lets you connect and use your GoogleApps@UD cloud storage as if it were a drive attached directly to your computer. Connecting from the VDI session lets you open and save your personal files quickly and safely and gives you access to team drives that may be shared with you for classes or other collaborative work.


For issues installing and using the Google Drive, contact the IT Support Center.

  1. After your VDI session starts, click the Google Drive icon on the desktop.

"Google Drive" is indicated from the Windows desktop

  1. Click Sign in with browser.
  2. Enter your credentials and click Next.

Google sign in window with "Next" button indicated.

  1. At the University of Delaware dialog, enter your UDelNet ID and password and click Log in. Do not include with your UDelNetID.

UD Google Apps for Education log in dialogue box

  1. Enter your GoogleApps@UD 2FA code and click Log in.

2FA dialogue box with field to type in code and option to remember devices

  1. Click Allow to permit Google Drive for desktop to access your Google account.
  2. Close the Welcome to Google Drive Window.

The "X" close icon is indicated on the Welcome Google Drive window

  1. Your GoogleApps@UD storage is assigned to drive (G:) in the VDI session . From this point you can open, work with, and save files as if they were stored on a local drive. All your changes will be synchronized to the cloud automatically:


  1. When you save files to the cloud, the Google Drive icon in the system tray will animate to show that data is being uploaded to the cloud. Click the Google Drive icon on the taskbar will show the status of files as they synchronize. Be sure not end your VDI session before your files have finished uploading.

Google Drive icon on the taskbar is indicated


Google Drive synching window and progress is displayed


  1. Google Drive will display an Everything is up to date message. when your files are synchronized and it’s safe to log out of the session.
Do not quit your VDI session until you see the Everything is up to date message.

Check Google File Stream synchronization progress with "Everything is up to date" message.


  1. When you end your VDI session, your Google Drive information will automatically be removed.