Win Domain File Services

What the service is

The Win Domain Files Services (Win DFS) is a subscription-based, native Windows storage solution offered by UD IT for University departments to locally mange University information. The charge for the service is $0.06 per GB per month, including shadow copy space. Billing occurs on an annual basis with pro-rated credits applied for early termination.

Win DFS shares can be specified with a minimum share size of 50GB and a maximum of 2TB. Win DFS is suitable for storing most types of University information. Because the information is not administered by UD IT, per University policy, it is not appropriate for storing confidential, high-risk Personally Identifiable Information (PII). All information stored on Win DFS is subject to University information classification and protection requirements.

Quick facts

  • Cost: $0.06 per GB per month.
  • Uses WIN Active Directory authentication; you must have an Organizational Unit (OU).
  • 50GB minimum, 2TB maximum single file shares (multiple shares are allowed).
  • 90 days of backups (no archives).
  • Data is redundant in Disaster Recovery (DR) in an active/active setup.
  • To request the service, use the Win Domain File Services Request Form.