UD Exchange Online: SharePoint Calendars

SharePoint calendars are used as common calendars for two or more individuals within a department or unit (for example, an Office Leave Calendar or a Committee Events Calendar). These calendars are not scheduled as resource mailboxes are, and they cannot be made public. Just like other shared calendars, these calendars can be used within Outlook.

Requesting a SharePoint calendar

You must request a SharePoint calendar by sending an email to askit@udel.edu. When you make your request, you will need to provide:

  • Your department's name.
  • The name of the calendar.
  • UDelNet IDs of people who will have access to the calendar, including teh access level for each.
  • Whether or not you want the calendar to be available to the UD community (anyone who can log in to UD SharePoint) or only to the following groups:
    • Design Access rights: These users can add, update, delete, approve, and customize the calendar view.
    • Edit Access rights: These users can add, change, and remove calendar appointments.
    • Read Access rights: These users can view calendar items only.

Connecting a SharePoint calendar to Outlook

  1. To connect a SharePoint calendar to Outlook, first open Outlook 2016 (Windows).
  2. Open a Web browser and navigate to the calendar in SharePoint.
  3. In the navigation ribbon at the top of the page, click the Calendar tab.
  4. In the Connect & Export section on the toolbar, click Connect to Outlook.
  5. Click Yes to accept the SharePoint connetion in Outlook.
  6. The SharePoint calendar list now appears in Microsoft Outlook.

Removing a SharePoint calendar from Microsoft Outlook

If you no longer have or need access to a SharePoint calendar, you can use these directions to remove it form Microsoft Outlook.

  1. From Microsoft Outlook, click the File tab, click Account Settings, and click Account Settings again.
  2. Click the name of the SharePoint list you no longer need to access from Outlook, and click Remove on the toolbar.
  3. Click Yes.


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