Using the Google Drive desktop client

After you download and install the Google Drive client, Google will automatically sync your online files with your computer's Google Drive folder.

  • You should see the Google Drive folder in your computer's list of folders. Double-click it to open it as you would open any folder on your computer.
  • In addition, your Windows computer's system tray or your Apple Macintosh computer's menu bar will contain a Google Drive icon, a miniature version of this image:
    Google Drive icon (expanded)
  • Clicking that icon will display the Google Drive menu, from which you can choose Open Google Drive folder (on your computer), Visit Google Drive on the web, or other options:
    Windows Google Drive menu
    Windows Google Drive menu
      Macintosh Google Drive menu
    Apple Macintosh Google Drive menu


  • Remember, the Google Drive folder on your computer is a local folder. Moving or copying a file into that folder tells your computer what to upload to Google Drive cloud storage. Once you've moved a file into the local Drive folder, it will also be available from other systems where you have installed Google Drive and also available from Google Drive on the Web.

    When you make changes to a document stored in Google Drive, the changes will be synced the next time you connect that computer to the Internet.

  • For more information about Google Drive, go to's Google Drive Support Web site.


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