About Google Drive at UD

Google Drive allows you to sync files between your computer and Google's "cloud" (drive.google.com) and provides an easy way to share files and collaborate on editing files.

  • If you choose not to download the Google Drive desktop software, you can still use Google Drive from Google Apps at UD: you can create and share documents in Google Apps at UD. However, without the desktop software, you will not be able to sync files between your computer and Google Drive within Google Apps at UD.

  • If you do choose to download the Google Drive desktop software, Google Drive can provide a free file sync solution.

  • Google Drive is designed for and best used with office documents, PDFs, images, and other application-based file types. Google Drive is not intended for long-term, archive, research data, or backup archive data storage.

  • To learn more about Google Drive:

    • Follow the links in the Related Articles menu to learn more about Google Drive in G Suite at UD.

    • For more information about Google Drive capabilities and features and for detailed help using Google Drive, go to the Google.com Google Drive Support Web site.


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